All accepted articles within the 2. Global Migraine & Pain Summit, 5. Mena Meeting & 3. Turkish American Meeting Headache and Pain Management will be published in FRONTIERS; the publisher of peer-reviewed & open access scientific journals operating in the fields of science, technology and medicine as an extended system dedicated to the scheduling of events in all fields of academia.


  • Presentation preference (oral or poster) of writers should be stated in the document.
  • Abstract submissions will be published in the e-meeting book as Abstract Document.
  • Congress Organization Committee and Science Committee has the right to approve or reject the abstract submission and also to change its presentation model (Oral/Poster).
  • After the abstract submission and its type (Oral/Poster) has been approved, it will be relayed to the responsible writer via e-mail.

Writer’s name-surname, title, place of work and city should be clearly stated. But apart from those, there should not be any sentences in the abstract that introduce/promote the writers or the establishment in any way. Abstract topics can selected from headache or neuropathic pain fields. Also, the presenter’s name must be stated in the document. Abstract should be prepared in English and has been written at most 250 words.
Abstract submission should include the following sections in order to fit standards:
• Background
• Aim
• Method
• Results
• Conclusion
• 3 to 5 key words
• Financial relations of the researchers (if any) should be explained. Abstracts that without results will absolutely not be evaluated.
In case of the abstract submission is approved; at least one of the writers (preferreble the presenter) should register to the congress before abstract submission.

Presentation duration for oral abstract is 10 minutes (5 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion).
At most 12-20 slides are suggested to be prepared for the presentation.
Projector and computer support will be provided.
Presentation date and hour for approved abstracts will be relayed later.

Each poster should be prepared as its horizontal axis with not exceed 70 cm and vertical axis with not exceed 90 cm.
Poster texts should be at a size that can easily be read from 1 m of distance.
At the top of each poster; names of the abstract, writers and their places of work should be presented and also responsible writer should be highlighted with underscore.
Size of the letters in poster headline should be minimum 2,5 cm.
Posters will be stay hunged at the Announcement Area during the congress.

Poster Abstract Board will be available on the meeting. Only the Abstract Posters that has been approved will be hunged on the Poster Board.

Abstracts that has been presented will be evaluated by the Congress Organization Committee and Science Committee. Scoring will be done according to the Congress Abstract Evaluation criterias. “Top 3 Oral Abstracts” and “Top 3 Poster Abstracts” will be rewarded with certificates.