Dear colleagues,

This year, as GMPS, we would like to meet you with a brand new concept at the 9th MENA and 5th Turkish-African Joint Headache Conference. We want to develop our research vision with an applied statistics course that will reinforce our basic statistical knowledge. Then let’s listen to current headache information from IHS presidents and leading lecturers in the field with an interactive and innovative programme. Let’s personally experience this knowledge on models with the course on interventional headache applications.

Afterwards, let’s not just talk about the holistic approach in headache, let’s learn and experience one-to-one from the relevant experts in focused, interactive courses. That is why we are very excited to invite you to this comprehensive programme with 3 applied courses and to witness the merging of cultures and neurons in the geography of Istanbul that unites continents.

We hope that you will share our enthusiasm and make an effort to make a place for this programme in your agenda.

We hope to meet you at the intersection of cultures and knowledge…